Kidz N Kidz Optimization

Improve Site Performance

Project Detail

Kidz n Kidz is a well-known and prominent kids’ clothing brand in Pakistan. Kidz n Kidz has 31 branches all over Pakistan. After the lockdown of Covid-19, Kidz n Kidz focus merely on the online platforms, but the flaws in their websites and marketing strategy were being a great hurdle to achieve their maximum sales target.

Kidz n Kidz then contacted where I studied their online platforms with hair-thin detailing.

The main issues highlighted were
-WordPress websites full of errors
-Weak Marketing Strategy
-Dull social media marketing
-Bad Customer Care

These were the main and basic core reasons which were making the eCommerce of Kidz n Kidz collapsing.

After highlighting these main issues, I started sorting them out with the help of a managerial role ok KNK and craved out the possible solutions for the online business of KNK.

I personally took the Customer Service into my hand to improve the business relations with the customers so we can get a strong relation with our clientele to shop online from us.

Secondly, with the consideration of the managerial role. We decided to move the website from WordPress to Shopify which was really profitable for us. We customized the premium theme for the Shopify store of the Kidz n Kidz

thirdly, I designed a creative content marketing strategy to bring more organic traffic to the social sites and website of the brand. We organized a full flash model shoot which also gave the brand an appealing outlook

fourthly. I designed a cost-efficient paid marketing strategy using Google AdWords and Facebook ad manager. By which, we successfully generated of 4 lakhs per (approx 3000$). spending the budget of 61 thousand per (approx 400$)